Coryphantha spp. proximate composition and phytochemical profile


  • Rocío Sánchez-Herrera
  • María de los Angeles Sotelo-Olague
  • Xochitl Aparicio-Fernández
  • Sofía Loza-Cornejo


Coryphantha bumamma, C. clavata, C. cornifera, proximate analysis, phytochemical profile.


Mexico has an important diversity of cacti. Coryphantha species are abundant in Lagos de Moreno, located in the highlands of Mexico, in the state of Jalisco. However, little is known about their chemical composition. In this research work, three Coryphantha species (Coryphantha bumamma, C. clavata and C. cornifera) were studied to determine their chemical composition of primary metabolites (proximate analysis) and to identify the presence or absence of some secondary metabolites (phytochemical profile). Results showed a higher concentration for moist, ash, fat and fiber in C. bumamma and C. clavata. Coryphantha clavata and C. cornifera presented higher content of protein and carbohydrates. Alkaloids, saponins, flavonoids and sterols (triterpenes) were detected in all three species; while tannins and quinones were absent in all samples. The results were compared to chemical information reported for other Cactaceae. The information here presented is valuable in order to establish a database for the potential use of these species as phytochemical source.






Scientific Papers